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Welcome to TruPoets!
The Trupoets Mission Statement-
To be the genesis of a new movement in poetry and poetry appreciation by bringing together poet and public in an online community devoted to the spirit of expression.

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If you have yet to become a member, please join us here and share in the poetic artistry! Joining is easy and FREE! We offer quite a bit. So ENJOY!

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-Write yourself into the pages of the world...-

If you are not a member, you may view poet profiles and normal poems on the site, however you may not view the forum, explicit poems section, send messages to members or comment on posts.

We here at Trupoets welcome all new members with open arms..Join our family, all are welcome.

What we offer -

- A place to post your's and enjoy other's poems.
- A Forum to discuss poetry and life.
- Private or Public Web-Blogs.
- Monthly Contests (Prizes may or may not be awarded.)
- Periodically chosen poem read recommendations.
- An Administration that listens to idea's, and if able, uses them.
- An Administration that cares about it's honest members.
- An internal message system called PM's to stay in touch with other members.
- Occasional updates of the site format and look. (IE the title banner pic)
- A mood chooser so every visitor can choose how to they see the page.
- A section to post short stories, long stories, prose and articles.

- And a lot more.

Thank you for considering Trupoets.com, hope to see you inside!
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